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Italo Masiello

Italo Masiello

Italo Masiello, Professor of Educational Technology at Linnaeus University

Italo Masiello has recently been appointed Professor of Educational Technology at Linnaeus University. He has previously worked as Head of the Education and Innovation Center at Södersjukhuset and Karolinska Institutet.

Italo has a background in psychology, behavioral sciences and technology and has been working in the clinical domain for over 17 years. He has led a research team on broad medical education aspects, from patient education, the use of technology in education to patient safety and the systematic use of education for large organizational changes.

Italo will now lead a research group in digital technology enhanced learning, an interdisciplinary field of research and development where educational, technical, behavioral and design sciences meet. He will explore educational mechanisms with a rich set of instruments to find answers to what gives value and efficiency for students and teachers.