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Conference program

EdTech Sweden 2018

For the fourth consecutive year, EdTech Sweden is the leading Scandinavian arena where producers meet customers and users of educational technology. The conference is all about adult education and stretches over two days where the latest trends, insights, knowledge and experiences are being shared. This is where professionals and technology providers gather to network, share ideas, grow professionally and discover solutions to today’s challenges. People you can relate to, learn from and stay connected to throughout the year.

At EdTech Sweden 2018 you will get the know-how, the how-to and the inspiring lecturers within adult learning with a base in:

Corporate education

• Which are the most successful companies working with edtech for their employees' skills development?
• Which are the biggest corporate do´s and don’ts using edtech?
• How are most successful companies working with edtech in their employees 'skills development?
• Which are the most effective digital tools and solutions for employees’ continuous development?
• Where is the biggest potential for Nordic edtech startups?
• Which are the most exciting Nordic startups within edtech?
• How can self-employees ensure their own skills development?

Educational sector

• How does the Nordic region's most innovative universities and colleges use edtech?
• What role does edtech play regarding the pedagogical skills?
• Are we learning the right skills for tomorrow?
• What requirements do students make for the education of the future?
• Which are the new formats for learning?
• How do the universities work with companies for tailor-made training solutions for corporate employees?

Public sector and politics

• What is the role for politics regarding edtech?
• How does the public sector work with edtech in their employees' skills development?
• How does county council work with the skills development of its personnel in health care?
• How do the municipalities work with their teachers' skills development?
• Who are the most inspiring thought leaders regarding edtech in the public sector?

Conference theme 2018: Going global!

This year EdTech Sweden is going global. The conference theme this year is about going international in the world of adult education. Listen to leading Nordic edtech companies sharing their stories how on to successfully go global, and get the insights from the most interesting global edtech success stories. These are some of the main areas of focus for EdTech Sweden’s conference theme 2018:

• How can Sweden and the Nordic countries become internationally leading by tapping into the potential effects of digitization?
• Which are the specific possibilities and challenges facing Nordic companies going global?
• What can Nordic countries learn from internationally acclaimed edtech companies?
• Which are globally the most interesting areas for Swedish and Nordic edtech?

Two days filled with know-how and how-to!

At EdTech Sweden 2018, you will get two days packed with know-how and inspiration from some of the worlds most renowned speakers in the field of edtech and adult education. Additionally, you will get the how-to and networking in specially designed sessions to share the knowledge and put it to work in your organisation. Here are some of the formats you will experience through the conference:


A shorter inspiring presentation, highlighting new and emerging trends and ideas.


An informal presentation highlighting market trends in education business including audience Q&A.


A speaker-led, open conversation with attendees around a particular topic.


An in-depth, instructional program with hands-on learning and specific takeaways.

Case studies:

A focused presentation highlighting research findings from relevant initiatives and projects followed by an audience Q&A.

Show and tell:

A opportunity for partners of EdTech Sweden to showcase their products and services to the forward-thinking community at the conference.

Meet the speakers!

Read more about our speakers at EdTech Sweden 2018 below:


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