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Iñaki Escudero

"The future of education will be built around one old principle: respect for the learner"

Iñaki Escudero is the editor of the Hyper Island Changes of Tomorrow, a trend report that identifies changes in human behavior, machine learning, tech, science and work to help us identify possible futures.

What does edtech mean to you?
Tech is changing everything, and in many cases for the better. When it comes to Education, I’d say Tech has the potential to dramatically improve the way kids learn, by making it more personable with AI for example, where each kid could learn at its own pace monitored by machine learning. Or for example by helping teachers identify specific needs for students.

The biggest challenge we face right now is to understand that technology is not ipads and smart classrooms alone. As in any other industry, tech will be most helpful when we put it at the service of the user (learners and teachers) and not the other way around.

How do you think the edtech industry will change the future of education?
The future of education will be built around one old principle: respect for the learner. Under this premise, tech can empower the learner even more, allowing her or him to be more autonomous and more self driven.

Tech will also empower learners to learn beyond the institution (inspired by blockchain principles) becoming more peer to peer type of learning. Also, the learning cycle will be shorter than what we know today for secondary and superior education.

What is trending on the edtech scene right now?
I think one of the most exciting trends that is finally taking shape is the emergence of better AR/VR products for learning in the classroom. Like Oculus in Japan.

Another exciting area is access to tech. Big tech makers are making an effort to reduce cost of the latest tech for schools and parents, which is making the future more accesible to people across social classes.

Why are you coming to EdTech Sweden?
Because it is one of the most important forums to learn and discuss the future of education. 

What are your expectations of the days?
To learn more and more about this topic from though leaders and education experts. And to question our assumptions and find better questions to answer.

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