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Sofia Högman, CEO Ping Pong, Roza Takiporian, Product Owner Baloo Learning, Henrik Örnstedt, CEO Baloo Learning

Interview with Henrik Örnstedt, CEO Baloo Learning

What does edtech mean to you?
Edtech for us is a way to make knowledge and education available and in reach for everyone. It means erasing borders and thresholds to enable learning in organisations. Edtech needs to allow us to consume content using whatever device we choose, whenever we have time and wherever we are. The way we access knowledge based content need to be in line with how we consume other types of content in our day-to-day life. As consumers today, we expect that. This is a key focus for us.
Why do you think the edtech industry is so important?
People always want and need to develop. For companies and organisations, motivated, skilled and competent employees is one of the main keys for success, if not the most important one. Offering opportunities for coworkers to grow and develop themselves and their skills is a factor that can make your company stand out when it comes to attracting and retaining strong employees and becoming an overall attractive workplace. The edtech industry needs to drive this and assist organisations in making it work.

What is trending on the edtech scene right now?
A big buzz on the edtech scene right now is the fact that education and learning is transitioning from being centrally pushed out to the organisation to enabling more of a "each one teach one"-culture. The growth mindset and continuous learning is prioritised by organisations now more than ever and they need smart tools to make it a reality.

Why are you coming to EdTech Sweden?
To listen in and learn more about the edtech industry, to hear and take part in discussions to define needs and problems to solve in the market. What do organisations struggle with? How can we help in creating a learning organisation? Also to add to the discussions with the findings we have from close collaborations with customers and stake holders in the industry, backed by the 15+ years experience with Ping Pong as one of the key players in this space.

What are your expectations of the days?
To meet many people and companies that share our passion for learning. In those meetings we are looking forward to hear a lot of ideas and best practice on how others have contributed in creating learning organisations. We expect to bring back concrete needs, trends and insights that we can use to meet our clients’ needs even better and to add to future product development.

Why did you decide to become a Key partner 2018?
We believe that EdTech Sweden is on a very interesting journey in setting the stage for something that will have a big impact on organisations and society going forward. This is a journey that we would like to be a part of and form together with the EdTech Sweden team.

Networking is an important part of the event. Who are you looking forward to meet?
In addition to many of the PingPong and Baloo clients, all the motivated and inspiring people that want to help make digital learning reach the next level.

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