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Meet our content manager Ulf Skarin: "EdTech Sweden ­– the place to come for new trends, inspiration and networking"

For the fourth consecutive year Stockholmsmässan is hosting EdTech Sweden, Scandavia’s leading conference for the rapidly growing sector that is educational technology for adult learning. This time EdTech Sweden will last two days instead of one, be more interactive and in one lanuage only: English.

We had a chat with Ulf Skarin, who is responsible for all content, about the new features and why you must not miss out on EdTech Sweden 2018.

Tell us about the theme for EdTech Sweden 2018: Going Global.

– This year we will take a look at what is happening in edtech outside Scandinavia, and will present innovative companies and ideas from other parts of the world to inspire us. But of course a lot of the guests and speakers will be from the Nordic countries as well since we are one of the leading regions in the world when it comes to edtech. Our work with the program has just started, but we can already now present some exciting names on our list of speakers: Lisa lindström, CEO at Doberman, Klara Palmberg Broryd, director of strategy and innovation at Nacka kommun, and Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn, CEO at Ekskäret Foundation.

This year English will be the only language used at the conference, why is that?

– Since English is the language used within the edtech sector globally we think it is only natural, and it will also make it easier for our international guests and even for visitors from other Scandinavian countries.

Another new thing is that Edtech Sweden this year will be two days instead of one.
– The main reason for this is that we will have much more interactive features this year, not only talks. Many speakers will also lead workshops in connection with their lectures, and for this we need more time. We will also create more opportunities to network and to make valuable contacts.

Tell us a little bit more about the new interactive features.
– We will have several different kinds of interactive elements. Workshops with hands-on learning will be one of them. Another one is ”campfires”, speaker-led open conversations around a particular topic. We will have ”show and tell” where partners of EdTech Sweden can showcase their products, and case studies highlighting new interesting research findings, followed by an audience Q&A. We are also planning some kind of festive evening activity for more informal networking.

EdTech Sweden 2018, I understand, will also be more differentiated and specialized for different target groups?

­– Yes, since we will have more time at our disposal this year we can offer more specialized programs for our different target groups, the main three ones being enterprise, the public sector and the education sector. Several events will take place at the same time, and it will be possible to pick and chose the talks and activities that interest you the most.

Is there any group of participants you would like to see more of on this conference?
– Over all I think it is a very good mix of participants on EdTech Sweden, but I would wish for more representatives of traditional educational institutions, such as universities and colleges, to attend and be more engaged.

What is it, according to you, that makes EdTech Sweden unique and a must to participate in?
– This is the biggest edtech event in Scandinavia, and since this is such a rapidly changing sector you need to attend every year in order to keep up with everything. It is at EdTech Sweden you will learn about the new trends, get the inspiration you need to be creative at work, the tools to make it happen, and of course the crucial contacts and networking.

EdTech Sweden 2018 takes place October 15-16 at Scandic Talk, next to Stockholmsmässan. Read more about the event here.