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Lisa Lindström, CEO of Doberman

Lisa will be coming to EdTech Sweden to lead a two-hour workshop on learning processes.
When Lisa was about to undergo a simple operation for appendicitis at the age of 20, she had no idea it was going to leave her wheelchair-bound. After waking up from the anesthesia, she found out that a nerve had been trapped, leaving her paralyzed.

Now, more than 20 years later, she is CEO of the Doberman Group, with net sales of SEK 107 million, but the journey to this point has not been easy. Lisa completed her degree in journalism, but since the regular labor market was not considered ideal for the physically disabled, she took a job “behind the scenes” as an HTML coder.

After five years as a coder and a lot of rehabilitation, Lisa had regained the ability to walk, even though she had been told she would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

She was accepted at the then newly started educational company, Hyper Island, in Karlskrona, which today has a global reputation for educating digital talents. Immediately thereafter she received a job as a project manager at the Karlskrona company, Doberman, and in 2001 she was appointed CEO.
Back then, Doberman was struggling and was not the leading company it is today, but Lisa had great ambitions. She decided to start from scratch. She and six colleagues bought the company from the owner, Europolitan.
Now, a decade later, Doberman has developed pioneer services, including SVT Play, and helped companies such as Spotify, Klarna and Sound Industries. It has won several awards and been named Sweden’s best workplace.

Lisa and Doberman have now started “Doberman Forward”, which will invest in start-ups. The goal is to contribute both capital and product development. She believes that consumers’ expectations for the user experience have increased sharply over the past few years.
She has worked for the same company since 1999, but sees no reason to leave since she has big plans for the company’s future.

Listen to Lisa and our moderator Ulf Skarin over a lunch in "Ulfs Lunchpodd" (in Swedish)