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David Black-Schaffer, ScalableLearning and the Flipped Classroom

David is coming to EdTech Sweden to talk about his experience bringing active learning into the university environment through the ScalableLeaning project.

ScalableLearning has brought interactive teaching and learning tools to over 30,000 students in Sweden and abroad, across all subjects from computer science to languages. ScalableLearning enables Flipped classroom teaching, which puts interactive lecture material online for students to watch before coming to class. This frees up class time for active problem solving with peers and the teacher.

By focusing the teacher’s time on the active learning activities, students can realize significantly higher educational gains, and have a lot more fun. David will discuss the evidence behind active learning and the challenges we face in bringing this new format of teaching to the university classroom.

David Black-Schaffer is an associate professor in the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University. His teaching has focused on how to bring active learning into the classroom and use online analytics to support students and teachers. He has received both the Uppsala University special pedagogical prize (2016) and the Science and Technology Students teaching prize (2012) for this work.

His research focuses on developing new software and hardware techniques to improve the energy-efficiency of computer systems for performance and battery life, and is supported by the European Research Council, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

Before joining Uppsala University, David worked at Apple Inc., developing the OpenCL standard for heterogeneous computing and received his PhD from Stanford University.