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Carl Heath, researcher and designer at Rise Interactive

Carl Heath is coming to EdTech Sweden to talk about life-long learning based on the Digitalization Commission’s report presented in December 2016 on adult learning. This report, as well as the DC’s previous report, points out that adult learning, or life-long learning, is one of the five strategically important issues in digitalization.

Carl Heath currently works as a researcher and designer at RISE Interactive, a research institute that last year merged with the companies, Innventia, SP and Swedish ICT. Carl is also responsible for ICT Learning at Rise.
His résumé includes posts at the Swedish Armed Forces and Riksteatern, but Carl has also studied political science, pedagogy and IT at Gothenburg University. Over the years, he has led a number of different projects related to the topic of learning through digital media.

Last fall, the government’s Digitalization Commission released a special report on equal opportunity for life-long learning. Carl was involved as an expert and wrote a fictional description of the future of digital learning, the focus of which was on innovation and development. Some of the issues that Carl raised include the continued need for investment in learning and IT as well as the need for continued innovation related to life-long learning.

You can read Carl Health’s scenario from the 2016 special report here »