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Olivier Crouzet

Revolutionizing Education with Olivier Crouzet

We are honored to have Olivier Crouzet, Head of Pedagogy at the ground-breaking institution École 42, to speak at EdTech Sweden.

42 is a private, nonprofit and tuition-free computer programming school created and funded by French billionaire Xavier Niel. 42 implements a particular training method that is different than most traditional educational institutions. The school does not have any professors, does not issue any diploma or degree, and is open 24/7. The training is inspired by new modern ways to teach which include peer-to-peer pedagogy and project-based learning.

We have spoken to Olivier Crouzet to know more about École 42 and its revolutionizing education. We also asked him about edtech as an industry and what his expectations are of EdTech Sweden.

42 is revolutionizing the educational world, and you’re the designer of its unique pedagogical model and methodology. What is it that makes 42 so special?
- I think that 42 is an example of what can be digital transformation in education, like Uber or Airbnb in their domains.

After 42’s initial success in Paris you opened up a new campus in Silicon Valley last year. Stockholm is one of Europe’s premier tech hubs; any chance we’ll see a campus here in Stockholm somewhere in the future?
- I cannot make any comment on ongoing discussions :)

What does edtech mean to you?
- It means various things : 1) re-connect education with the society, the companies & the labor market, 2) make education systems prepare our youth to this digitalized world, 3) use technologies in educations as much as we use it in our day-to-day life, 4) see education as always evolving tool, dynamic, agile, pioneer.

Why do you think the edtech industry is so important?
- Education is meant to prepare children for the future. It should lead this digital revolution and the huge transformations we face. Unfortunately it is not the case. Children, in many schools, are still prepared to a society that no longer exists. The biggest issue is to make understand that alternate educational path exists. Edtech industry can help the change of mindset (showing examples, making some buzz), and help schools in their digital transformation.

Why are you coming to EdTech Sweden?
- I really enjoy explaining the pedagogical model of 42! Also, during the last 4 years, we are keeping an open-mind and sharing our experience to increase diversity in education and hopefully help institutions in their digital transformation.

What are your expectations of the day?
- I would love to be surprised by another experiment that explore something we did not so far! To be honest, it does not happen very often :)

Networking is an important part of the event. Who are you looking forward to meet?

- I usually like to meet people that have enough freedom to actually make experiments on the pedagogical point of view. They are interested and able to understand the complexity of our architecture and the fine tuning we made at 42. Also, I'm interested in realistic simulation soft wares. This is from my point of view a key to replicate a model like 42 in another domain (health, business, industry, biotech, culture, human resources,