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Joel Hellermark, CEO and founder of Sana Labs Emil Fagander

"Edtech means using technology to unleash full potential"

Interview with Joel Hellermark, CEO and founder of Sana Labs.

What does edtech mean to you?
– To me, edtech means using technology to unleash each student’s full potential.

Why do you think the edtech industry is so important?
– Education is a core pillar of civilization with effects that can be traced to virtually everywhere. A multitude of factors has contributed to an educational market ripe for a paradigm shift, which stands as the foundation of the edtech industry. The shift does not only present a business case but will allow companies like Sana Labs to bring significant benefits to society, like higher employment opportunities, income growth, enhanced skills, improved overall health, civic engagement and subjective well-being.

Why are you coming to EdTech Sweden?
– To share our recent breakthroughs at Sana Labs in applying deep learning to personalize education, unleashing each student’s full potential. As well as, connect with pioneers in the space that are keen to utilize our personalization technology.

What are your expectations of the day?
– To connect with brilliant people and enjoy fruitful discussions on the rich possibilities in applying artificial intelligence to education. Networking is an important part of the event.

Who are you looking forward to meet?
– Forefront figures in the Swedish and global edtech community with bold, new perspectives on how the future of education will play out.