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Erik Fernholm

EdTech plays a vital role in the mindset shift

Erik Fernholm is the CEO of 29k, founded by the Norrsken foundation and the Ekskäret foundation, which develops a new tool for personal development. He is also a sought-after lecturer in motivational research with a background in cognitive neuroscience and happiness research and has worked together with the Försvarsmakten, H&M and Spotify.

What does edtech mean to you?

Edtech to me is two things; The somewhat boring world of digitising the analog system of industrial, top-down-style learning. But it is as well the uniquely exciting frontier for humans trying to adapt to the technological revolution. Trying to cope with the problem that comes from technology moving faster than we are. 

Why do you think the edtech industry is so important?

Technology has made humans increasingly powerful and taken us to a paradoxical point where human behaviour now is the cause of our biggest problems; Climate change. Rising inequalities. Mental illness. Fear. This has never prior been the case and here edtech plays a vital role in the mindset shift that has to take place; moving from smart to wise, from self-serving individuals to interconnected parts of a society and world.

Why are you coming to EdTech Sweden?

As head of 29k it's an exciting arena to explore perspectives and emerging innovations. We need to find ways of consciously choosing how tech will shape us. 29k's goal is using tech and the science of personal growth to help millions with transformational learning. Joining forces with more people in the mission would be nice. 

What are your expectations of the day?

 Together sparking ideas on what matters most. 

Networking is an important part of the event. Who are you looking forward to meet?

Ulf Skarin and Lisa Lindström are two respected participants I'm looking forward to continuing the conversations with. But I'm hoping to be surprised by new faces.