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Mikael Wallerstedt

"Education is the glue that holds our society together"

We have spoken to David Black-Schaffer, associate professor in the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University. We asked him about edtech as an industry and what his expectations are of Edtech Sweden.

Why do you think the edtech industry is so important?
– Education is the glue that holds our society together and enables our society to advance. Yet today we face challenges in providing education to an increasingly broad base while simultaneously delivering deeper understanding to advance technology. EdTech is our most promising avenue to improve how efficiently we teach and learn. The efficiency boost from EdTech will allow us to both deliver education to a broader swath of society and to enable deeper learning in all subjects, without dramatically increasing costs.

Why are you coming to EdTech Sweden?
– I have been actively working on developing (as a technologist) and using (as a teacher) tools for active learning in the classroom for the past five years. During this time I have worked with hundreds of teachers within Sweden and abroad. From this experience I have learned a lot about both what it takes to support teachers and students in the classroom, and also the political and cultural challenges we face in obtaining widespread adoption of these techniques. My goal in coming to EdTech Sweden is to share my excitement about the potential of these techniques for improving education and discuss the challenges we face in bringing their benefits to all teachers and students.

What are your expectations of the day?
– I hope to be inspired and inspire others. I am looking forward to hearing new perspectives on the challenges I have seen and finding exciting opportunities in areas I have not yet considered. I expect that the attendees will bring a broad range of experiences, problems, and solutions, and that this mixture will create some fantastic new opportunities.

Networking is an important part of the event. Who are you looking forward to meet?
– I am looking forward to meeting planners who tackle educational questions at a national or regional level, and who have the perspective to see how we can work on a larger scale develop the best techniques and material. I am looking forward to meeting tool developers to share experiences in interacting with teachers and driving adoption. I am looking forward to meeting with educators to discuss how our approach can work in their environment, and how we can change it to better support them and their students.

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