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What does edtech mean to you?

We have spoken to Carl Heath, researcher and designer at Rise Interactive, to find out what edtech means to him and why the industry is so important.

What does edtech mean to you?
– Edtech is basically the use, design and implementation of technology in education.

Why do you think the edtech industry is so important?
– In order to enable use of technology that delivers on expected promises, the formation of a shared platform and organisation for the edtech industry is good.

Why are you coming to EdTech Sweden?
– I believe that sharing of knowledge and information, forming networks and projects between the edtech industry, academia and research institutes as well as the educational sector is important in order to innovate and raise quality.

What are your expectations of the day?
– I expect to meet and engage with people, learn from others and share my thoughts.

Networking is an important part of the event. Who are you looking forward to meet?
– I look forward to meeting actors from the edtech industry as well as from the educational sector.

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