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Conference Theme: Learning Economy

  • Conference Theme: The Learning Economy

    How to make it The Learning Economy
    The knowledge-based economy we live in today demands a strategy of lifelong learning and knowledge development. Lifelong learning has become the single most important driver of success, and with it the driving force behind innovation. This makes the issue of learning and skills, as it relates to transformational adaptability, the most business-critical factor of our times.

    Education is no longer an isolated event, but a lifelong learning opportunity. How can we optimize our efforts to continuously build on and develop our knowledge and talents? At EdTech Sweden 2017, we will bring focus to the structures, technologies and formats that enable lifelong learning while highlighting the major players in edtech today.

    Some of the key topics for discussion
    What do the current structures for lifelong learning look like? What needs to change and to be developed?
    Technological advances are critical -- how do we best leverage them?
    Who are the key players? (up-and-comers, start-ups, institutions of learning)
    What do the new forms and formats for successful learning look like?
    How should companies best adapt to and benefit from the need for lifelong learning?

    Topics – The Learning Economy
    Jobs of the future
    Educational programs of the future
    Formats of the future
    Technologies of the future
    Business and industry of the future

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