About the conference

Edtech is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, where Sweden and the Nordic countries belong to the most innovative and forward thinking countries. Year after year, we top surveys measuring innovation, creativity, quality of education and entrepreneurship, while at the same time having a solid and progressive welfare system.

The rapid ongoing digital and technological revolution in the education system is creating huge worldwide opportunities. As leading innovative economies, Sweden and the Nordic countries have a huge opportunity of taking a leading role in the global scene of edtech.

For the fourth consecutive year, EdTech Sweden is the leading Scandinavian arena where producers meet customers and users of educational technology. The conference is all about adult education and stretches over two days where the latest trends, insights, knowledge and experiences are being shared. This is where professionals and technology providers gather to network, share ideas, grow professionally and discover solutions to today’s challenges. People you can relate to, learn from and stay connected to throughout the year. All communication and content surrounding the conference is in English.

About Edtech

Edtech stands for “educational technology” where the goal is to structure and strategically facilitate and improve learning processes by using and managing technical resources and solutions.
EdTech Sweden is the largest meeting place in Scandinavia for adult learning and skills development. It is an initiative and a community dedicated to help Sweden and the Nordic countries claim a leading position in edtech for higher education. The participants at EdTech Sweden come from all over the Nordic countries and are decision makers at various levels in the corporate, public and educational sectors.

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